Storify: curate your own social media story


ht walk

KAIROS recently shared a Storify version of their “We’re Still Here” celebration gatherings from across the country.  Storify is a free web-based application that allows you to collect various bits of social media — tweets, pictures, videos– and collect them into your own story to share with others.  It’s great to share news of a gathering, especially where many people have contributed tweets or Facebook posts. It would also work to share a concept or offer a litany of prayers.  Here is a storified version of a Ted Talk on how social media is changing the news. It allows the presenter to include material leading up to the talk, the talk itself and people’s responses, including best quotes.


How else could we use it in ministry settings?

KAIROS uses social media for mining justice campaign

KAIROS has launched a multimedia campaign to tackle the consumer angle of mining justice this Christmas.  All I Want for Christmas is Mining Justice  challenges people to make a video declaring their commitment to forgo the gadget on their Christmas list that is made from minerals that don’t cost us much but cost both people from mining communities and the earth a fortune. This campaign makes creative use of Youtube, collects the videos on Twitter with the hashtag #miningjustice. and also posts the collection on the KAIROS Facebook stream.  Lots of connections, lots of possibilities for both creativity and justice.

Make your tweets visible

visible tweets

Visible Tweets is a great way share a Twitter feed with a  group setting or in a meeting, if you have access to a projector and a computer that is on-line.  At the VisibleTweets website, you just enter a hashtag — a  word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic– and all the tweets with that tag will appear on the screen one at a time, like a slideshow.  Try it out with #uccan, which is the hashtag used to mark United Church correspondence.  Or designate a hashtag for your meeting/event and display the results when you are gathered.